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Here you shall fix appointment with our AOS office, for Business deals and Technical Supportive Assistance. After filling the form you will get an Appointment confirmation message through Email and SMS or WhatsApp with the details of time and date. All appointments are served on seniority basis.

If you skip an confirmed appointment or if you are not attending our messages or calls on the particular scheduled appointment time, then you may need to come here again to refix another appointment. So please be aware of fixing time and date.

Type your name
Type your office, company, firm, shop, enterprise names.
Check the number after you type. Within 12 Hours you will receive Appointment confirmation message or SMS to this number. If international number please add country code. Example - +91 or Your country code.
Type your email 2 times
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Date format Example - 25-04-2021
Example - 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM
Example: Approximately 1 and half hour.
Normal - 3 Days, Urgent - 8 to 24 Hrs, Not finalized Appointment - 7 days. Choose the type of your appointment.
We cannot provide some technical services through Smart Phone / Android / Iphone
If you don't have AnyDesk Software, To get our remote assistance you shall Click Here to download and install it and then choose this question.
Please define what you are going to do with our executive during this appointment time. Whats your major need.